Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mormons & Zombies

The great attraction of zombie stories and films is the suspension of social constraints. In a zombie situation you are free to do as you please. Everything you could want is available and free for the taking because everyone is gone and they left their stuff. Well, they aren’t physically gone. The people still exist, just at lower level. And since they are at a lower level and they threaten you it’s okay to shoot them. It’s a better world than if a neutron bomb had killed everyone and left their stuff. There is no radioactive residue and there are fewer bodies to clean up since the zombies are helpful with that aspect of global collapse. Another bonus with zombies--all those guns you own are suddenly practical everyday useful tools.

Looking at the attitude that cable TV loud mouths, Tea Party enthusiasts and right wing politicians have shared with our community it appears that they fit into the role of zombie attack survivors. They are threatened; they look at certain groups as lower than they are. They seem smug with by suggesting hints of violence. They build up arguments that justify their hate. They say and do things that hurt people and they justify in by arguing that upholding the law is vital. They have created the perception that literally crossing a line in the sand is far worse than murder or assault. They want “us” to be afraid of “them.”

If Jesus were here would his first concern be about the violation of misdemeanor law? Or, would he ask why comparatively wealthy people add fear to the lives of the poor? Would he worry about how many undocumented people are in jail or would he go visit them?

Our community will make choices over the next few months that will affect us for years. If we make choices based on fear, not knowledge and not charity, we will regret them and our children will live with the damage we have done to our neighbors. We live in the shadow of some poor choices our community made in the past. We can’t change the past, but we can shape the future.

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