Wednesday, January 26, 2011

We Believe All Things

It’s been an interesting week. I’ve been rummaging around through the same thoughts so its time to put them down.

In Utah Valley politicians do bad things and their popularity appears to go up. People around here listen to talk radio and watch cable TV shows where people lie, or at the very least they say a LOT of things that aren’t true. Some read books that are not the best books. People don’t want to spend a dime on education and are afraid that a classroom with a union joining teacher is the same thing as a gulag (not that they know what a gulag is). And people consistently invest money with crooks. Everyone knows someone who has been scammed and they’ve crossed paths with someone who has done some scamming.

Is this what the thirteenth article of faith refers to when we say “we believe all things“? Are we agreeing to be dupes?

What must outsiders think? What do we think of ourselves? What does the Lord think?

If we lack common sense in our politics and we lack integrity in our infotainment. If we distrust education and we don’t know enough to resist mortgaging our homes and handing our savings over to every slick pitchman that wears a white shirt and shows up at church from time to time, then why would we imagine that anyone could take us seriously when we talk about religion?

Maybe these are things God doesn't really care about.

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