Thursday, October 20, 2011

Good Fences

When I hear people talk about building a big fence to keep people from the south from invading our state I sympathize with them. It looks like an easy answer to protect the good things in our culture. The problem is with the implementation. Most people I hear want to build a fence along the United States border with Mexico. I, on the other hand, don’t have a problem with Latinos, But, I can see the value of a fence along the Utah boarder to keep the republicans out.

The Latino people I meet are polite, they value their families, and they don’t cause me any trouble. The republicans, on the other hand, disturb me. For example, the Mesa Mormons and the California Tea Partiers who fled what they see as the wickedness of their home states are trouble. They act as though they have come to Utah to teach us “Utah values.” Well, they don’t have good values for Utah. Their hate, their fear, their racism, and the petty greed they promote does not make Utah a better place to live.

So, if they really want to build a fence I guess we should let them try. I just ask that they stay on the southern side of it.

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