Tuesday, March 13, 2012

How Can You Promise Me Heaven?

 How can you promise me heaven when you can’t provide on earth?

How can you promise choirs of angels singing praise when my ears ring with the sound of my neighbors mocking of the poor.

How can you promise mansions in heaven when we have no shelter for the homeless?

How can you promise infinite wisdom when our leaders vote to destroy our education system?

What makes you think we will live united above when down here we can’t abide those who cross borders, are gay, or don’t look like us?

How can you claim we can progress forever when you can’t see past the number of piercings in my ears or the color of my shirt?

How can you promise divine forgiveness when our politicians pass petty laws to punish those who make difficult personal choices they disagree with.

Why do you promise a future of charity and love from the pulpit when so many voices in our community promote greed and fear?

Why do you extol the potential of women in the next life when you exclude them from leadership today?

How can you promise me heaven when you can’t provide on earth?

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