Monday, January 27, 2014

LINKS: Please Don't Say This Anymore

When poverty is discussed, all too often I hear the phrase..."If you teach a man to fish..."

And in my mind I picture people living in this world.

Talking about people living in this world.

If you don't live by the water and if you don't have money to buy fishing gear what use is it for some rich people to share their hobby?

If you think a man should learn how to fish then take the time to learn where he can fish and give him the tools to fish with. Make sure you buy him a license and give him a ride to the water, and then bring him home. Take the time to teach him how to clean the fish, and cook the fish, and to protect the future of the fish.

In this modern world with urban living and so many rules protecting established businesses, if you just teach a man to fish, then you have nether fed him for the day, nor have you prepared him for a lifetime of feeding himself.

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